Don’t say you didn’t know…
facts about THE WALL…

Israel is building a huge SEPARATION WALL, a “security fence” in official Israeli language, inside Palestinian territory, taking Palestinian land, olive groves and water.

It is a huge barrier, either concrete or barbed wire, with armed watchtowers, electric fencing, trenches, cameras, sensors…

Everything in its path, and in a buffer zone 30-100 meters (33-109 yards) wide, is to be demolished – with no regard for people’s homes, farmland, trees, stores, schools, etc.

The WALL is not being built on, or in most cases even near the Green Line (the 1967 border). At some points it is 6 km (3 ¾ miles) beyond the Green Line.

The path of the Wall’s 1st stage annexes 10 “settlements” and the most fertile lands of 30 Palestinian villages in the northern West Bank. It is now being built in the areas of Qalqiliya, Tulkarem, Jenin, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

For example, Jayous village in the Qalquiliya District: 8,600 dunums (2150 acres), some 72% of its land, and 7 groundwater wells, have been confiscated and will fall on the other side of the separation wall. The yearly loss from this land is 250,000 boxes of citrus, 200,000 boxes of vegetables and over 70 tons of olive oil. Of the 3,000 inhabitants, at least 300 families are losing their only source of income.

This wall is expected to be more than twice as high and at least 3 times as long as the Berlin Wall.

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